Diastatic Malt Powder Substitute

Although there really isn’t a substitute for diastatic malt powder as it contains active enzymes that break starches into sugar, there are ways to bake without it. 

Most recipes call for the diastatic malt powder in small enough amounts that you won’t taste the flavor of the malt, but rather it’s used to break down starches into sugar and feed the yeast during the fermentation process. 

However, if by chance, a recipe calls for diastatic malt powder and it’s not a dough recipe, it may be called for to add malt flavor, which is often described as nutty. 

There are substitution options for both types of recipes below.

1. Bread flours

Many flours are made without malt powder, which is why some dough recipes call to add it. However, you can also buy flour that already has malt powder mixed in. It may not be at the same ratio the recipe calls for, but it will help give you a fluffier bread with nice brown crust. 

2. malt syrup

Although most malt syrups are non-diastatic, it can be a malt powder substitute because a little bit of malt syrup will add sugar for the yeast to feed on, as well as the malt for a richer flavor and color. 

3. malted milk powder

Malted milk powder does not contain diastatic malt powder, but the non-diastatic malt powder will add a bit of the nutty flavor malting produces. If a recipe calls for malt powder for the flavor, malted milk powder may be the best option.

4. skip it

Although a diastatic malt powder will help with the rise in dough, it’s not necessary. So if you can’t find the ingredient, or a substitute, it’s likely the recipe will be okay without it, especially if the recipe calls for sugar, as the yeast can feed on that. 

5. make your own diastatic malted powder

Although it requires time, making your own diastatic malt powder is not overly complicated. You must first soak the barley grains (or another grain of your choice) for several hours, then follow a process of washing, draining, and aerating the grains until they sprout and the sprout is about the length of the grain. 

At that point, you must let the grain completely dry at a low temperature, so you don’t destroy the active enzymes. Once they’re completely dry, you can grind the grains into a find powder. 

Here are the complete instructions: https://www.weekendbakery.com/posts/making-your-own-diastatic-malt/

Is Diastatic Malt Powder The Same As Malted Milk Powder?

Diastatic malt powder is not the same as malted milk powder. Malted milk powder contains non-diastatic malt powder and is mainly used to add the “malt” flavor to beverages. 

Traditional malted milk powder contains malt powder, wheat flour, and powdered milk. Some brands add other artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, and preservatives to create a sweet beverage mix. You can also find malted milk powder in chocolate flavor.