Substitution For Malted Milk Powder

Traditional malted milk powder is a fine powder mixture made up of malted barley, wheat flour, and powdered milk. The malted barley adds a distinct flavor to many desserts and beverages that’s often described as nutty. If you can’t find it, or don’t have it on hand, you may be able to find a substitution.

What is a malted milk powder substitute?

A common substitution for malted milk powder in recipes, is milk powder. It will add the lactose to baked goods and desserts to give them a creamier texture or help brown a dish in the oven. 

When a recipe calls for malted milk powder, it is commonly referring to Nestle’s Carnation Malted Milk Powder, which mainly consists of wheat flour and malted barley extracts, powdered milk, salt, and sodium bicarbonate. 

There are a few alternatives if you can’t find a malted milk powder in your grocery store, but you have time to shop. If you need something in a pinch, powdered milk or regular milk is the next best option.

1. milk powder

Milk powder will add lactose to a recipe, giving it a creamy texture, while also adding fat and protein. The added lactose in baked goods will also help them brown and create a bit of a crust. You’ll just be missing the flavour, color, and touch of sweetness malt powder adds.

2. Regular Milk

Since milk powder is simply milk that’s been evaporated down to a dry mixture, you can use regular milk in recipes that have a wet component. However, you would want to balance the liquids out so that adding regular milk instead of powdered milk doesn’t make the recipe too runny.

You can also make your own milk powder from regular milk, if you have the time to let it evaporate. Here are the instructions:

Again, your recipe won’t have the malt flavor, which adds a bit of nuttiness, but you will add lactose, which can improve flavor and texture. 

3. Ovaltine

Ovaltine or Nestle Carnation’s Chocolate-flavored Malted Milk Powder are similar to malted milk powder, however they have added sugar and flavors (chocolate). If it’s a baking recipe that calls for malted milk powder, Ovaltine will add the malted flavor as well as a chocolate flavor. It will also add more sugar than regular malted milk powder, so you may want to reduce the amount of regular sugar (or honey, syrup, etc.) the recipe calls for. 

4. Kinako

Kinako is a powder made from roasted soy beans and has a nutty flavor. It can often be found at Japanese grocery stores or online. You may also purchase soybean flour and roast it in a frying pan until it becomes a golden brown color, which will give it a nutty flavor. Although it won’t be the same flavour as malt, Kinako would add a nutty flavor. However, it would not add the fat, protein, and flavor that the lactose in milk powder adds.

5. Maca Powder

Maca is a vegetable that mainly grows in Peru. The root of the vegetable is dried and ground into a powder. It also has an earthy, nutty flavor that can mimic malted barley. You may be able to find Maca Powder in the supplement section of a grocery store, with other powdered drinks and shakes, or in the health food section. You can also purchase it online.

6. Malt Powder

You may be able to find malt powder on its own and milk powder on its own. In which case, you can make your own malted milk powder. Add malt powder to the milk powder in a ratio of about 1:5 (1 portion malt powder to 5 portions milk powder).

Many malted milk powders also contain salt and sodium bicarbonate, so you may need to add a pinch of salt to your recipe, depending on the brand of malted milk powder the recipe is calling for.

Can I substitute malted milk for powdered milk?

Malted milk powder can be substituted for powder milk, however it will add a bit of a nutty flavor to a recipe. And since malted milk powder contains wheat flour, it will also add gluten. Something to be aware of if your gluten intolerant. 

Vegan Substitute for malted milk powder

Both Kinako and Maca powder can be used as vegan substitutions for malted milk powder. They will add the earthy, nutty flavor to recipes, without adding lactose.

What is a substitute for non-diastatic malt powder?

Diastatic malt powder is commonly used in bread doughs to promote a strong rise. Non-diastatic malt contains no enzymes that break starches down into sugars and is commonly used in beverages and baking for the malty flavor. Therefore, most ingredients mentioned in this article are suitable substitutions for non-diastatic malt powder. 

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is ovaltine the same as malted milk powder?

Ovaltine is indeed malted milk powder, however it includes additional ingredients, including sugar and cocoa powder. It’s a mix that creates a sweeter, malted-chocolate flavored drink when combined with milk.