Where To Find Soy Lecithin In The Grocery Store

Soy lecithin is most commonly found in the pharmacy section of the grocery store with the bottles of vitamins and powdered supplements, or in the baking aisle with baking aids.

Many grocery stores do carry soy lecithin, however, it’s most commonly carried as a supplement, which means you’re more likely to find it in soft gels or granule form; both of which aren’t ideal for cooking or baking. 

If a grocery store carries the liquid or powder version, you’re more likely to find them in the baking section near items like gelatin. Or, if the grocery store has an organic or health food section, you may be able to find Bob’s Red Mill products; a brand that offers soy lecithin.

where to buy soy lecithin for baking

When using the ingredient for baking, most recipes call for soy lecithin powder. This is not the same as soy lecithin granules, nor is it just the granules in a finer consistency. Unfortunately, powder form is the most difficult to find.

where to buy soy lecithin powder

It’s easiest to buy soy lecithin powder online, as finding it in grocery stores is hit or miss. Below are some online options:

where to buy soy lecithin granules

The granules are most commonly used as a supplement to sprinkle onto and into foods, such as salads or shakes. It is not the same as soy lecithin powder and the granules can’t be ground down into a powder to achieve the same effect in baking.

Bob’s Red Mill is the most popular brand that grocery stores carry and that offers a wide range of baking products. If you can find a grocery store that carries Bob’s Red Mill products, you may be able to find soy lecithin granules.

You can also buy soy lecithin granules at GNC.



where to buy liquid soy lecithin

Liquid soy lecithin can be hard to find in grocery stores, however you may have an easier time finding it in specialty cooking/baking shops. It’s most commonly used in dressings and sauces to keep them from separating, but can be used in baking and confectionaries. So it may be with cooking oils, or in the baking section.

You can buy liquid soy lecithin online:

where to find soy lecithin in Walmart

Most Walmart locations carry soy lecithin in gel capsule form in the health/pharmacy section. If you’re looking for soy lecithin powder or liquid, Walmart does carry it online, and you can check to see if your local store carries it by using their “store availability” filter.

Soy Lecithin Granules, Powder, & Liquid at Walmart

Where to buy soy lecithin in Canada

In Canada, you can find soy lecithin granules at Bulk Barn, and may be able to buy it at SaveOn Foods, Safeway, and Sobeys, since they stock Bob’s Red Mill brand. However, do call ahead before making a special trip, as it’s not guaranteed they’ll have that item, even if they do stock Bob’s Red Mill brand.

You can purchase soy lecithin powder and liquid online:

What can I substitute for soy lecithin?

If you come across Sunflower Lecithin granules, powder, or liquid, it can be substituted in place of the soy version. They’re very similar products and sunflower lecithin is actually the healthier version. 

You can read more about it here and find 7 other soy lecithin substitutes.